Representation Rates

Why are representation rates important?

Representation Rates are a closely guarded secret among RCIC’s and why is that so?

If a threshold is established based on Practice platform, Representation rates show the following:


Today’s model reflects everything which is bad for the profession. NO representation rates are commuted or talked about and people who have limited or NO representation rates spend a lot of time “mentoring” and providing answers in forums etc. Their eyes are on the PPMP (Piece of the Pie of the Membership Pot). Neither is Representation rates discussed or divulged. When I tried to discuss my representation rates, I was mocked and ridiculed, especially by those with their eye on the PPMP.

Most people who vehemently support Self Regulation actually earn from Self-regulation. They don’t support the Profession but support Self Regulation possibly because they have a vested interest. They are trying to secure their retirement. Is it a “crime” to openly discuss representation rates? Why are representation rates NOT disclosed when standing for elections?? People with long experience and poor representation rates are actually a failure candidate.

Today’s self-regulation model helps a selected few.