Pyramid Organization


ICCRC, a pyramid (Ponzi) structure!


Paying RCIC’s from the membership pot creates a pyramid structure. In many countries, Pyramid operations are termed as a fraud. ICCRC has a structure where new members join the profession with a home of making it. They are faced with severe competition or clients who lack confidence in the profession. With representation rates going down across the board, these new members are faced with a bleak prospect of earning clients and they jump into the desire to be a board member or ICCRC without the knowledge of the profession. Some board members I hear are so primitive in their understanding of the profession that it is disheartening to know that they are a leader in the profession.

These individuals who are elected to the board indulge in infighting, doing nothing during their tenure, and earning “sitting fees” from the membership pot just to warm their seats. They don’t realize that the fate of the over 5000 RCIC’s depends on policies which will enhance the profession, regulations that will maintain order and professionalism and defeating Fake Consultants that eat into the profession every day. Instead, they self-promote, talk big, and even sent out emails demanding money from members (corruption).

Years pass, nothing done! And ICCRC survives with more and more members joining its forces (Ponzi). NO action against Fakes, and no increase in representation rates, and the status quo continues.