Jack of all trades

Jack of all trades, Master of none!


One of the lessons I learned when I was in school or more importantly when I arrived in Canada is that we cannot be a jack of all trades, We will then not excel and anything!

This is exactly what I see in ICCRC. I was surprised to see that there are RCIC’s doing specific roles in ICCRC which is not acceptable. RCIC’s are immigration consultants and they have to be good at their job as an Immigration Consultant. If they are good at their job, they are going to be busy with clients.

Why should an RCIC sit in complaints and decide on the merits of a complaint? Why is he or she behaving like a “Jack of all trades?”. When someone is an RCIC, then he or she excels in representing clients, not sitting in Complaints. The best person to sit in Complaints are Ex-police officers, Judges or the like. Not an RCIC in such a polarized membership platform.

Is it possible that the lack of understanding of a complaint allows them to pass off corruption as an acceptable doing?  OR

Is it possible that being colleagues, the person about whom corruption is reported and the person sitting in the complaints department believe in “You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours!”

Why is the Regulator not having professionals to accomplish the different roles the regulator has to accomplish instead of depending on RCIC’s. It is the job of an RCIC to represent clients and NOT to function within the regulator. When we operate as Jack of all trades we do not accomplish our objectives and the support level clients receive is mediocre.