Copy & Paste culture

Copy paste culture:

Elected RCIC’s practices a Copy Paste culture. They seem to be experts in copying and pasting regulatory processes of other Canadian Regulators. They do not seem to understand that an Immigration Consultant Regulator must be founded on a platform with a Legal jurisdiction of Canada and an operational jurisdiction of several other countries in the world with major source countries as the initial few countries they need to attempt to take jurisdiction over.

Most RCIC’s are based in Canada and therefore they only think and run this regulator as a Canadian entity with NO international operational platforms.

I have seen several postings by “prominent” members on copying other regulators.  Why are we creativity dead? Our brain cells do not seem to be working. It all goes back to lack of exposure to the profession both domestically (in Canada) and Internationally.

If experienced and RCICs with exposure is brought into the pool, a platform of regulation based on clear understanding on the challenges the profession faces can be established. The current system favors and belittles people who have born the brunt of the challenges with no solution or hope in sight. We see a profession where the so-called “professionals’ attack and belittle others.

The “Fresh ideas” they obtain are from other professions. The Immigration Consultant is a very different platform. The challenges and exposures are different, much different than a Province based regulator. We have to have a platform of operation with a legal Canadian jurisdiction with an operational jurisdiction of the world.