A Piece of the Pie of the Membership Pot

Today ICCRC looks like a Ponzi scheme. Some members target PPmP or Piece of the Pie of the membership Pot. There seem to be two groups and both groups mislead the membership with false claims. Members don’t contribute to the profession without taking money from the membership pot and most of them do not even understand the profession as much but are paid for “work done”. Is it a surprise why representation rates are going down? Why clients don’t prefer to be represented by an RCIC? Is it a surprise that an applicant has a better chance of success when representing themselves or using a fake consultant?  It is very unfortunate.

How the term “Colleague” is misused: Many members misuse the term “Colleague”. If a colleague is really a colleague, then please leave the membership fees for professionals to be paid to work with the regulator so as to have a professional output. An RCIC is defined as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and NOT an Administrator or a Complaints person or a CEO or anything like that. Hire the right people to do those functions and have RCIC’s represent clients. Instead, RCIC’s occupy a lot of positions in ICCRC. Recently I came to know they also occupy the “Complaints Department”. Very Unfortunate!

Jack of all trades: RCIC’s are one privileged lot, in the wrong way. A one-year certificate program allows many to charge as much as $500 an hour. With 3 decades of experience, my hourly wage hovers around $120 – 150/hr. The $500 figure is what I see on the discussion boards of the Association. The approach is to strip of a client to their bare bones! RCIC’s also obtained “jobs” within ICCRC. The reason one is regulated is so that they can represent clients, and not to sit in an administrative position within ICCRC. These positions will have to be filled through regular recruitment and professional must be hired. An RCIC should focus on obtaining clients and representing them. They are professionals when they do what they are supposed to do well. It is shocking that some sit in the complaints department. A new low in “Jack of all trades”

RCIC’s should not be paid through the membership pot. An RCIC cannot call another a ‘colleague’ when they take money from the membership pot. Maybe I am different, I feel taking your colleagues money is like stealing from your friends home. It just does not fit well with this profession. We all need to be better than that.