ICCRC snub

I certainly question if ICCRC is a racist organization. I will change my view if you can publish payments to RCIC’s by ICCRC over the past 5 years. I am positive that a large amount of the payments were made out to white individuals who have very poor self-representation rates and who lack experience and understanding about this profession where client representation and investment in the profession should be considered paramount. I can confidently say that most payments are likely paid out to people who are white and with low self-representation rates (representation without the support of agents) and those who least invest in the profession.

Many RCIC’s like myself work quietly behind the scenes for the profession. We invest a considerable amount of our own money, time and effort into making a difference for the profession but we are snubbed and belittled and attacked and kept on the sidelines. It is very unfair. Race has everything to do with it.

When self-regulation came into play, I wanted to contribute to this profession. I invested my time and effort to make a difference and pursued a government agency to make changes to their structure regarding Permanent Residence application representation in India. Being an ordinary member without any clout, it took me several visits to New Delhi to  create an impact and after several months of constant visits and dialogue, I was able to finally obtain a confirmation that if I get a letter from ICCRC or the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, they will consider a regulation. I presented the opportunity to the ICCRC board and a former CEO said this: “Joy, you cannot represent ICCRC” (I never represented ICCRC).  I did not understand why such a response but at that time, I was so much into the “self-regulation thing” and I thought that source ICCRC will have a policy on source countries and ICCRC possibly had a better approach than me. I took the rather crude remark positively and moved on. Only when I was confronted face to face with Corruption in ICCRC board, I then observed the Directors and soon realized that nothing is being done against Fake consultants and the response was possibly racist. Had I been a white, I don’t think anyone would shrug off such a vital opportunity for the profession. It is a shame!

RCIC’s should learn to work for the profession without payment for work or popularity. Instead, it is a copy-paste culture who belittles members who contribute without any credit. Those who make a lot of noise are those who rise up and become directors and they are the ones who target the PPmP.