My Thoughts

There are a few RCIC’s who work diligently with the Regulator. However, overall, because of the non-inclusive nature of this regulator, where RCIC’s with experience, representation rates and investment in the profession are kept out, the profession is hurting badly. I don’t want to attribute Race as the only element in this segregation process, I feel there are several factors.  

I worked a lot for this profession because I thought self-regulation works. It was a huge challenge to hang around in the corridors of a Government of a developing country and have several meetings and trying to make a difference when I was snubbed for my efforts. At that time, I thought the team (ICCRC) was into something much bigger than my approaches. I took the snub positively.  

Only when I encountered corruption in this profession, I began observing the “drama” that goes on and soon realized that people with little or no understanding of the profession occupy major positions. If self-regulation must be successful, people who have grown up the ranks, gained the confidence of the public (through high representation rates), invested in the profession (personnel, space, advertising etc), and worked for the profession without much “advertising” need to be identified, pursued and brought in.  

RCIC’s who seek high representation rates know that the best branding they can get in this Profession is if they are regulated by the Government. That branding can be offset if self-regulation can beat what regulation by the Government will do. With the infighting, the lack of people of substance manning the profession and the downward spiraling of representation rates and opportunities in this profession, one need not be a scientist to realize that so many things are mismanaged with the regulator and the Association. With the current scenario, it is best if regulation is performed by the Government (preferably by the RCMP just like in the UK), and there must be multiple associations for the profession which will address the needs of RCIC’s. With monopoly associations, they don’t care and would advise you to go to courts for assistance. They will do NOTHING to help.

  TRUE RCIC’s who focus on Representing clients and who operate in Canada and overseas without agents will NEVER belittle another RCIC. The challenges and threats of FAKES are REAL. Unfortunately, this profession is plagued by Agent-based RCIC’s whose investment in the profession is minimal. Many are in-Canada operators exclusively and many are agent-based platforms. It would have been a lot fair if we had representatives from every service platforms, instead, what we have is RCIC’s elected through a geographic area,