ICCRC a disaster for the Immigration Consultation Profession

ICCRC is a disaster for the Immigration Consultation profession. A corrupt, crony based profession is a disgrace to the men and women who sacrifice a lot for this profession and those who come to seek out a livelihood serving one of the oldest professions on the planet. Here are some of the evidence-based destruction of this regulator.
1) Latifa El-Ghandouri demanded money on fictitious grounds when she got elected into the board and ICCRC did not act (Corruption encouraged because of cronyism).
2) Insults and attacks on a member when they try to expose corruption in ICCRC on the Associations discussion boards
3) The CEO of the association not taking corruption seriously and advises members to seek External court action
4) Overall Representation rates on the decline every year ICCRC was a regulator
5) Blocking real consultants (Canadian Corporations who are agent FREE global operators) from participating in the process
6) Crony based selection and participation
7) Reducing selection criteria of members to increase membership even when representation rates were slipping down and down (low client confidence)
8) Bullying, and insulting anyone who seeks assistance
9) Representation Rates (client confidence index) NOT considered and anyone who brought it up was ignored.
10) ONLY people who do not invest in this profession and are not impacted by Representation rates are those who held top positions
11) And MUCH MOREā€¦.