Disastrous regulation

What has regulation done to this oldest profession?

• The regulation was meant to protect clients, but it has allowed cronies (ICCRC members) to be corrupt and deceive clients and fellow members through falsehood. Complaints from clients in my public seminars are a testament to how regulation did little to clients and how some ICCRC bylaws did little to protect clients.
• The complaints department of the regulator was meant to act against erring members and work against corruption and deceit. Because of cronyism and positions awarded based on loyalty, any position was filled with cronies (loyal members) and no action was taken against any member who belongs to the “Loyal Group”.
• CAPIC was meant to be an association but it soon became a cult run by a CEO called Jory Dade who had little exposure to Immigration consulting, questionable representation rates and little or no investment into the profession prior to his becoming a CEO of the “Association”. This was not an association but a loyalty-based recruitment field for ICCRC.
• Falsehood, Insults, and corruption was seen everywhere and some of the falsehood will be displayed at the newly created website
• The regulation was meant to increase representation rates overall after addressing client complaints and client dissatisfaction. The result was just the opposite
• Regulation is meant to increase the qualification or representatives and effectiveness of representing clients, however, the result is just the opposite. The greed of ICCRC for money by increasing its membership showed a reduction in the quality of representation of clients.
• A regulator was meant to protect the profession by working against FAKE consultants. ICCRC elevated fake consultants by allowing members to sell their AR portal to them.
• Even today, RCMP does a better job of criminally prosecuting than the regulator (Just like how it was before regulation). Regulation has put power in the wrong hands and has cost members like me several thousands of dollars in fees and other expenses. It is like paying out taxes to the mafia.