Hot off the press!

13 December, 2018

Addendum: Hot off the press!

I just came across a news release by Toronto Star. Similar data I discussed on the Association Discussion Board over a year back. When I posted the data, the response from the select few was NOTHING. NO response because nobody takes things seriously unless it goes out in the open and the public is exposed to the state of affairs. Also, because the investment in theprofession of those active in the Association boards and those involved withICCRC is limited, it did not affect them. The data in the press release wasavailable to me when I posted and I also mentioned the possibility of peoplelike me panhandling on Yonge St.  Noresponse from the membership, nobody cares what happens to representation ratesor success rates for clients.

One honest mention about this data on the “Association” portal by Deepak based on the news article, and the verbal  attacks against him (13 Dec 2018):
“My one question is why be an RCIC if you are so disgusted by the profession?”: said one
My thoughts: These are the type of people who come into this profession and unseat and throw out people who are in this profession for decades. The disintegration of the profession happens in front of our very own eyes! I think many people are disgusted because of the way the profession is being regulated and the regulator being managed, and not that they are disgusted with the “profession”. Unfortunately, some people have branded themselves as they are the “profession”. The problem we have today is that the Government has given the right to ICCRC and it is in their hands that the fate of me and others like me are if I want to practice this profession. ICCRC is NOT fair. I wish there were other licensing bodies where I can obtain my license and practice without being belittled  

“Pretty hateful and contemptuous of your fellow RCIC’s. A self-loathing closeted lawyer in our forum. You two ladies are far too polite.” Said another, My thoughts: This is supposedly a “senior RCIC” but his intent seems to be to instigate a confrontation.  

Discussion is good. Listening is good. Positive action is good. Mutual respect among practioners even our fellow lawyers is good too. Said another,
My Thoughts: All too well said, but never practiced!  

My final thoughts: Lawyers study a lot more than RCIC’s. They complete a bachelor’s program and RCIC’s do a 1-year certificate program. Everyone knows that a lawyer SHOULD do better than RCIC’s and it shouldn’t not be a surprise. If anything, it should be the “direct representation rates” of an RCIC and the success rate of those representation rates which should matter to determine who is better and I am willing to challenge any lawyer!  RCIC’s cannot keep their representation rates a “TOP SECRET” and expect everyone around them to respect them, Respect must be commanded and NOT demanded. Command your respect folks!    

I had posted these figures discussed by the press in the recent press release over a year back on the discussion thread “Are we consultants ready for self regulation”. If we had people who invested in this profession, they would not have stayed quiet because it would hurt them badly. They did not care about any data which was spilling out showing how the profession was doing. They were focussed on belittling. Verbal insults and attacks without substance to try to silence me. I typically advertise in two Canadian TV stations, and when we take an example of one of them, My Canadian advertising budget for TV ads was $40,000 per month in late 2017, however, by mid 2018, the amount was reduced to around $6000 per month and by Jan 2019, our advertising budget is going to be a big ZERO. As an organization, I do forecast, and other business-related checks and balance, and the trend was clear that the profession was not doing well because people don’t trust RCIC’s much anymore!

Because people who are hired by ICCRC and its cronies were people without experience, there was no data analysed and when people like me who devote our lives to this profession suggest and provide such information, we are belittled and discarded. If anyone can just review the discussion board titled “Are we consultants ready of self regulation”, and have the Association put back all the responses which were withdrawn by some, you will know the state of this profession and the people behind it.

ICCRC was setup without any checks and balances. ICCRC did not do analysis on client confidence in using RCIC’s. ICCRC did not come up with self evaluation protocols and share those protocols so that it can be vetted. One of the evaluation methods is to compare overall representation numbers in % as well as physical numbers year over year.

ICCRC indulged in a practice of cronyism and allowed inexperienced RCIC’s or those with very limited representation rates or agent based RCIC’s to be close to them, thereby creating a platform for failure. They belittled experience, and representation rates and kept people with high representation rates and those who invested in the profession at bay. They possibly were racist in who they decided to award lucrative jobs within the profession. Currently we have a profession which is so fragmented, and nobody can discuss any challenging situation because if they are not in the “circle”they will be belittled and insulted. Cronyism is the name of the game!

The attached news in Toronto star is quite powerful and it puts the reputation of the profession in peril. Even though I will be adversely affected, I am glad it came out because honesty should finally prevail.