Acknowledgement on receipt of letter

I had contacted ICCRC for their delay in acknowledgment and response to my letter and I was forwarded a response confirming acknowledgment of my letter from Mr Murray”s office. I thank him for his concerns The response reads in part:

I have reviewed your letter and am currently reviewing the many supporting documents posted on I will be in touch with you again once I have completed this review.

In the meantime, I assure you that I, and other members of ICCRC staff, take all comments from members regarding the expectations of the ICCRC very seriously, and will do our utmost to ensure that the Council fulfills its mission to be an effective fair and transparent regulator of the Canadian Immigration Consulting profession.”

What I have posted on and the documentation provided is clear and concise with proof of responses. The attacks and belittlement of members who even seek help to combat corruption in ICCRC is real. NO DOUBTS about it. Cronyism and control (Power) are the name of the game. People who hold high positions in ICCRC are fundamentally Agent Based RCIC’s who don’t care about FAKE consultants, People with very poor or NO representation rates and RCIC’s who would rather invest in real estate or the stock market instead of their own profession. These individuals have occupied most major roles in the profession and belittle others who have a different opinion especially when representation rates are disclosed or openly discussed. WHY? (for proof just read the thread “Are we consultants ready for self-regulation” on the discussion board of the association)

Recently ICCRC called for consultations to come up with policies of handling “Agents”. Ideally, the team must include at lease 4 “Hard Core” Consultants who will NEVER sell their name to foreign entities (Agent FREE RCIC’s who operate outside of Canada with good representation rates), at least 2 or 3 Agent Based RCIC’s among others. Instead the group will consist of Canada based RCIC’s with no exposure to Agents, and Agent based RCIC’s who love agents and Fakes. “Hard core” consultants are usually attacked, belittled and kept out of any discussion group. I hope this change.

Our Elected Law makers have given this profession the best laws to combat fakes with laws which make fake consulting a crime, even outside the borders of Canada (Unlike Australia). But because both the Regulator and the Association are run or associated with RCIC’s with poor or no representation rates and Agent based RCIC’s, nothing is done about Fakes because it is “Rocket science” for these individuals. For Hard Core consultants, it is a daily challenge which they overcome themselves and they know how to combat them, unfortunately you don’t see any Hard Core consultants participating in any committees or groups because of the verbal attacks and insults showered on them . As long as the process is unfair and as long as the process favours groups and their cronies, this profession is not headed in the right direction.

I am now waiting for ICCRC’s response to my questions and concerns which I believe are serious and which can be addressed sooner because I have provided proof for the occurrences. If ICCRC takes these occurances seriously and address them, it would be in the interest of the profession. Also, this is a urgent matter which damages the entire profession and a response can be had far sooner than the over 8 weeks which has already passed! Please respond,